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These Local By-laws have been read and approved by the American Poolplayers Association, Lake St. Louis, Missouri.

These Local By-laws are a secondary source of information created in accordance with and in addition to the APA Official Team Manual. Your Team Manual is your primary source of information and all rules in the Team Manual will be followed. League Management office hours are M-F 10:00am to 6:00pm.   Pamela Rowdon, L.O., 386-788-0729

FEES INCREASE – Because of rapidly changing times and inflation beyond our control it will be impossible for me to go 8 to 10 years at a time without having an increase in weekly fees. As a result I will tell you to expect a possible $1.00 per person increase in weekly fee every 2-3 years. This increase may or may not occur depending on how things are, but in order to protect all things offered in this league I felt it necessary to give you a heads up now so there are no surprises. Our last increase started in September, 06.

TRAVEL FUND FEES - $7.50 per person per Session, per Team is a mandatory fee. If this is not paid your team will not be eligible to play in the Divisional Playoffs or Local Team Championship. It does not pay for spouses and significant others. The Travel fund is not a Prize Fund, therefore, any arrangements, such as airline tickets and rooms that are committed to and not used will require reimbursement to the APA Travel Fund by the player/team that did not use these tickets and rooms. No less than 96 hour notice can be given to cancel room reservations and any cancellation fees incurred will be the responsibility of the person canceling. Airline tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, so once they are committed to, they are yours.  Arrangements will not be made for anyone other than team members unless the money for those additional tickets and rooms is paid prior to the deadlines set by the airlines and hotels. 

WEEKLY FEES -$25.00per week for teams not playing for money or $35.00 per week for teams playing for money.

PAYING FEES - Team Captains are encouraged to pay all fees by Check or Money Order to avoid accounting discrepancies and possible loss or theft during transmittal. All fees paid in cash are subject to count upon receipt in the League office. Team Captains are responsible for any shortages.  There will be a $30.00 service charge for each NSF check returned.

AREA CHAMPIONSHIP FEE - Each team playing in the Area Championship trying to qualify for the National Championship in Las Vegas will pay a one time only $20.00 fee at this tournament. This money will go into the Travel Fund for the players traveling to the National Championship.

AGE REQUIREMENTS – 18 year olds may compete in the 8-Ball Open and 9-Ball Formats.  Any underage player caught drinking alcohol will be suspended from APA play until they reach legal drinking age. Junior League players will be under 18 years of age, unless they are a participating parent.

SEVERE WEATHER POLICY- In case of Hurricane or extremely unusual weather preventing normal play make-ups will be done. Captains will be responsible for arranging make-ups.

DRESS CODE – Ladies should not wear bathing suits, super low cut shirts, super short skirts or shorts that might offend opposing team members or other bar patrons. Men should not wear bathing suits, must wear shirts which can be tank tops, T-shirts, golf shirts or button down shirts.  No player will be allowed to play APA while wearing Competitive League T-shirts or apparel. These By-laws are your first warning, if it happens a second time that player’s name will be removed from the roster.

SCORESHEETS - BOTH teams must keep score, and both scoresheets must be turned in. Your scorekeeper must be an active member of the APA and preferably a member of your team. EachTeam Captain may note discrepancies and supply additional information on the back of the scoresheet. Late scoresheets & scoresheets with incorrect wkly fees or information will result in a loss of weekly bonus point. Last scoresheet of the session being late will result in the loss of points taken for that week of play.

DROP SCORESHEETS ON TIME - Play Sunday/Drop by Tuesday Noon, Play Monday/Drop by Wednesday Noon,

Play Tuesday/Drop by Thursday Noon, Play Wednesday/Drop by Friday Noon, Play Thursday/Drop by Saturday Noon.


Present Locations are:        BROWN’S BILLIARDS - 11th and Nova Road, Holly Hill

                                                UNCLE WALDO’S - Nova Rd in S. Daytona

                                                BABE’S BLUE ROOM – 206 S Nova Road, Ormond    

Locations outside of the D.B. are:    

DELAND Drop/Pick-up – Stingray’s II, 100 E. Ohio Av.

Deltona Drop/Pick-up – Critter’s, 2946 Howland Road

Edgewater Drop/Pick-up – SportsDeck, 1517 S. Ridgewood Av.

               NSB Drop/Pick-up – Surf Lounge, 181 N. Causeway, NSB

CAPTAINS MEETINGS – require someone from the team to attend…this should be the captain except in unusual circumstances when the captain is not available, a representative can attend.   Signing in & out will be required to receive Bonus Points.

CAPTAINS MEETING BONUS POINTS – will not be applied to teams whose scoresheets are LATE. We apply points the week following the meeting. If your scoresheets are late you will not receive the points Ever.

BONUS POINTS1 Point per week will be given to each team whose scoresheets are turned in On Time, All Fees Paid on Time and All Scoresheet Information Filled Out Correctly and Completely.  Only when a Bye occurs in mid session due to a dropped team & less than all teams get a Bye or those teams having a Second Bye Week will bonus points be given for the Bye.  In addition, each session your team can earn 6 Bonus Additional Points - 2 BP’s each for 8-Ball or 30 BP’s each for 9-Ball -- for getting the Rules/By-laws read & the sheet signed & returned on time -- for collecting the Travel Fund Money & getting it turned in on time -- Showing Up and Staying for the entire Captains Meeting.

PENALTY POINTS – of 2 to 5 points may be levied for the following:

                a. Not marking non-performance & defensive shots    b. Sloppy scoresheets                                                                         c. Unsportsmanlike conduct                                                  d. Slow Play by individual players

MAKE-UP GAMESALL MAKE-UPS MUST BE MADE-UP WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF THE ORIGINAL POSTPONEMENT and/or Before the printing of scoresheets for the last 2 weeks of play. This means you ONLY have 3 weeks to get make-ups done unless it is within the last 4 weeks of play then they will have to be done immediately.  No make ups will be done during the last 2 weeks of play. If your team has a problem with a match during the last 2 weeks of play and needs a make-up, you will need to shoot the make-up Prior to the scheduled match date.  Neither team will receive points if these requirements are not met.  

FORFEITED MATCHES – will result in the showing team receiving 3 points (60 points for 9-Ball).  This includes partially played matches with 3 or more forfeits.  I reserve the right to adjust this, if I feel the forfeit was done to favor the team receiving the forfeit.

NO SHOW TEAMS - If a team is a no show anytime in the last 3 weeks they will not be included in the Wild Card Draw.

POINTS STANDING – Captains are responsible for making sure their points are correct.  Check weekly.  Make sure Pt. corrections are made prior to the last 4 weeks of play as adjustments to points in previous weeks will not be made in the last 4 weeks.

HIGHEST POINTS WINNER - The High Point Team at the end of each session will automatically earn a Qualified Position in the City Championship, as long as they meet all other requirements to maintain eligibility. If there is a Tie, the Tie Breaking procedure in the rule book will be used and the winner will be the team that receives the Qualified Position.

DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS - Wild Card teams will be notified by phone.  Captains must call the League office to confirm position at the end of session. The location will be the home of the high point team at the end of the session. The 2nd round of play-offs will be played at the same location as the first week.   Exception - If the home location has only 1 table the team will than have choice of location, preferably a participating host. Any 5 team division...all teams will compete in the playoffs and only 1st Place Trophies will be awarded.

MONEY CUPAt the end of each session, 80% of all monies from each division paid into the pay-back fund will be combined. The top 2 teams w/most points before playoffs, that paid into the pay-back fund, from each division will qualify for the Money Cup. Wild Cards will fill all other slots. Ties determined using rule book procedure. Pay-Outs will be to Top 8 Places.

2nd CHANCE ROUND – All teams not in the first round of Money Cup are eligible for this round as long all they are in good standing with the league. The 20% balance of the monies paid into the pay-back fund will go into the 2nd Chance Round. A team fee of $25 will be collected and added to the 20% to create the pay-back for the 2nd Chance Round. Pay-Outs to, Top 4 Places, at least.

MALE 1’s(9-Ball) & 2’s(8-Ball) – will not be allowed in general. LO will retain the right to assign a skill level of a 1 or 2 to male players if it is deemed acceptable. This will only apply in certain cases and will be heavily scrutinized.

PLAYING TWICE – One player may play twice in a match. There is only one acceptable reason for declaring a player twice: Less than five players are available at start time AND the team knows in advance that less than 5 players will be available to play that night – period. You may never use this rule if at least five players are present or were present at the match site prior to start time. If a team meets the preceding requirements, then they may declare a player twice provided the following rules are observed:

  • The opposing team chooses the player (must have a skill level of 3 or below)
  • Both teams must write the designated player at the top of the scoresheet before the match starts.
  • The designated player must play in either the 1st or 2nd position, and then again in the 4th or 5th position.
  • Once you have declared a player twice, you must honor that commitment unless you get permission from the opposing team to change your mind. It is perfectly within their rights to require that you play the designated player twice as agreed and prohibit late-comers from participating. NOTE: This is important – designating a player twice is a commitment that you must honor unless the opposing team allows you to break that commitment, so exercise this option with caution.
  • The team declaring a player twice must be able to prove that they could have played another player from their active roster in the designated player’s second position without exceeding the 23-rule. Example: A team with the following Skill Levels: 7,7,5,5,4,2 cannot normally play both of their 7’s without breaking the 23-rule; therefore, they may not play them both simply because they played their 2 twice. You may not field a line-up that allows you to play combinations of players that are only made possible by playing a lower skilled player twice. This rule was designed to avoid unnecessary forfeits, not to allow teams to manipulate their line-ups.
  • No team can force another team to break the 23-rule, but a team can choose to forfeit a match in order to play the other four provided the forfeited player does not force the team to break the 23-rule.
  • This rule is only applicable to weekly league play and may never be used in any playoffs, money cup or higher level match.

NEW TEAM IN SPRING SESSION RULE - A new team starting in the Spring Session w/less than 5 players with established APA handicaps will be eligible for LTC but each player w/less than 20 scores may be raised 1 (one) skill level before entering the Championship. These teams will be heavily scrutinized and will be disqualified if still shooting above their assigned skill levels.

TEAMS QUALIFIED FOR LOCAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (LTC) MUST STAY ACTIVEin the summer session in order to retain eligibility in the LTC. Teams may split but players must remain active in summer. Dropping out after the LTC could affect your ability to shoot on another team and will require you to pay your session fees for the forfeited summer session and could result in suspension or disqualification from the next years LTC.  You will also be required to pay up front 100% of the Summer Session fees prior to the LTC the next time you have a team that is qualified for LTC.

DISQUALIFCATION OF TEAMS THAT “LAY-DOWN” - After qualifying in any session, if your team comes in lower than 5th place the team will face possible disqualification as a result of the team “laying down” or not shooting to their ability. If your team is believed guilty of this and is allowed to play in the championship expect the L.O. to raise skill levels of each team member.

ASKING OPPOSING TEAMS TO LAY DOWNin the last weeks of play will cost your team any eligibility to any playoff. If I receive a complaint from another Captain or Player saying the opposing team approached them asking them to give up points to confirm a place in the playoffs for the asking team you will be penalized. Penalty is loss of all qualifications on all levels and could result in suspension for the person that was asking. This is Cheating!

SISTER TEAMS – shooting in the last few weeks of play will be scrutinized heavily. Any unusual occurrences may cause either/both teams to lose their pts. earned in their match with each other.  No laying down or playing into the other teams hands will be tolerated.

TABLE & CUE BALLThe Home Team gets choice of match table and cue ball & the cue ball may change with each match.  Measle balls are allowed weekly but not in Playoffs.  The 1st Place team will have the choice of tables at playoffs in the first round. The high point team will have choice of table in the second round. Red Circle balls are not required they are simply preferred.

ADDING PLAYERS – Team may add players after week 4 if your team drops to 5 players and you meet the following conditions:

                a. You contact the league office for permission before adding any player.

                b. You tell your opponent before any match play begins.

                c. New players complete application and pay all fees that night.

                d. Spring Session has special restrictions so CALL before adding anyone at anytime.

e. A player that is added after week 4 must play actively with the team. If the new player is forfeited in order to play higher      skilled players this may result in your team forfeiting an additional point for manipulation.

DROPPING PLAYER or DROPPING TEAM - If you intend to drop a player from your team you must be notify that player in writing. If you intend to drop off of a team you must notify the captain in writing by the last week of play.

$$$$$$$$$$$$NEXT TO YOUR NAME – will make you ineligible for Divisional Playoffs, Money Cups, LTC, Regional and NTC. You will not be able to walk into the event and pay then play. Late fees must be paid no less than 48 hours prior to the event start.

CELL PHONES/LISTENING DEVICES– are not allowed while you are shooting your match. Have someone else answer your cell phone, if necessary. Listening to CD’s or any other device will not be allowed while the player is shooting. Hearing aids only allowed.

MAKING AGREEMENTS ON THE SIDE – Captains making agreements that might be out of the ordinary concerning the nights play should write these on their scoresheets to avoid issues later. Good Sportsmanship requires that you keep these agreements once made. If I receive complaints about a team captain or member attempting to make agreements to sandbag, that team will lose all points for the night and up to 5 additional points and will lose eligibility to LTC and could be suspended.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR - will cost offending team up to 5 penalty points…even if the scoresheets are signed. So be honest and helpful with new teams, we want them to stay.

SPORTSMANSHIP FOUL - Sportsmanship Fouls cover many things that arise and are not listed in the rule book. If any team or player or individual with the team is causing a disruption, a distraction or otherwise is out of line, the Team Captain of the opposing team must politely ask the offending team’s Captain to please stop the problem. Opposing Team Captain must inform the offending team’s Captain that the next occurrence of the problem will result in a Sportsmanship Foul being called. If it happens again, Call the Foul -Take the Ball-in-Hand. Penalty points may also be levied against the team exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior.  

NEW PLAYER SKILL LEVELBecause we allow you to add new players to your teams we must put responsibility on the Team Captain to make sure that player starts play in this league with an appropriate skill level. This is one of our biggest complaints. So Captains, if your player has played APA before it is your responsibility to find out what his/her skill level was the last time they played and make sure that they play at that level. Also, if you believe that your player will end up a 6 skill level you should start them at the 6 skill level the first night. Any new player whose skill level goes up 2 levels during the session play could cost your team all points taken by that player during the session. These points will be deducted at the end of session before Wild Cards are drawn and before any playoffs start. The probability is that your team will be knocked out of the top three, if you are there. 

TIME OUTS – THERE IS NO LONGER A RIGHT OF REFUSAL BY THE SHOOTER. If someone on your team says Time-Out, it is a Time-Out, no matter who says it. You must take it or it is gone. Exception: If the shooter calls Time Out the coach can refuse.  New players, first night only, will get 2 time outs.   Sportsmanship foul can be called if a team continues to call too many time outs.  Coaches can stroke the ball to show the shooter the shot. They cannot mark the playing surface. Placing chalk or something else above the rail as an aiming device is allowed

WHO CAN APPROACH THE TABLE DURING TIME OUT – Only the coach and the player may approach the table during a Time out. Other members MAY NOT walk around or approach the table during a time out. This will be a sportsmanship foul and repeated violations may cause point penalties to be assessed.

MARKING THE POCKET –markers must not hang over the pocket or rail. When shooting the 8-Ball if Cue Ball touches your  pocket marker it is LOSS OF GAME. It is NOT loss of game if the 8-Ball touches the marker when going into the pocket. Plain table chalk, QUARTERS, weapons or any thing resembling a weapon cannot be used as a marker. Chalk holders of any kind are OK. TOKENS are OK. It is NOT loss of game if markers are correctly placed then fall to the floor.  In 8-Ball the POCKET MUST BE MARKED. No agreements to not mark the pocket are allowed.

SIMULTANEOUS HITS – per APA, will go in favor of the shooter in a fast shot situation, unless a spotter is called…then whatever the spotter calls stands. Slow rolled shot that is clearly a simultaneous hit IS A BAD HIT.  Arguing with a spotter could cost your team penalty points for unsportsmanlike behavior.

MATCH TIME GUIDELINES – Refer to the Official Team Manual. Most matches actual time should be less than the suggested time. Don’t drag match play out.